Spare container NITO 9311, 2.5 Lit

Soft/Stiff Floor Broom, VHS-3194, 600mm

Hand Squeegee, fixed neck, Double Sponge Blade VHS 7751, 250mm

One Piece Squeegee, Single Blade, 400mm, VHS 7070

Extra Large Clip, VHS 0696, for use with 0600/0605/0610

Hand Scoop large, VHS 5670, 2 litre, Metal Detectable

NiTo 9340 Clean SafeOne Back Flows Prevention For Foam Sprayer

Shovel, VHS 0005611, Long Handle : Small Blade

Telescopic Fibre Glass Handle, 2190-5650 mm, VHS 2977

Fibre Glass Handle, 1500mm, VHS 2938

Replacement Squeegee Double Blade VHS 7731, 250mm

Replacement Squeegee Double Blade VHS 7734, 600mm

Nylon pad, medium,VHS 0005524 , 245 x 125 x 23 mm

Shovel, VHS 0005629, T grip, short handle, large deep blade

Broom with straight neck 30 cm medium, VHS-3166,