Medium Hand Scrub Brush, VHS-3587, 170mm

VTS 545252 Rim cleaner soft 230x110 mm waterfed

Washing Brush VHS 4194 w/short Handle, Soft/split

Wall bracket stainless steel, VHS 0616, 50 mm

Mixer, VHS 7010, small blade long handle. 1200mm

Hand Squeegee, fixed neck, Double Sponge Blade VHS 7751, 250mm

20 m hot water hose NITO 9337 - 70° C / 20 bar

Large Clip VHS 0692, for use with 0600/0605/0610

Plastic lid for container NITO 9318

Stiff Hand Brush, VHS-4169, 350mm

Medium Resin Bench Brush, VHS-4557, 345mm

Hand Scraper with Stainless steel blade, VHS-4050, 250mm,

Vikan ErgoClean Damp 43, Rapid Clean, pocket

Narrow handbrush, VHS-4195, 270mm

quick coupling 3/4 VHS 0715